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Herman Čater was born in Celje, Slovenia in 1941. He studied English and English literature. After his studies he worked as an English teacher and later as an Adviser for foreign languages for the Educational Board of Slovenia until his retirement in 1991. In 1985 he contracted viral meningitis that resulted in paralysis of the upper part of the body. When he came out of coma, he was not able to eat, speak, breath. They told him he will be never able to lift his hands. But he managed to recover so well, that he can fly a paraglider again. He became an instructor for flying and shiatsu teacher. He described his experience about his recovery in the book Do not give up your dreams, which was presented in all medical magazines in Slovenia.The paralysis influenced his life a lot, but photography played a very important role in his recovery.His father showed him how to use a camera when he was a little boy. He became known by his landscape photographs in Slovenia and abroad, but his collection” Forgotten” attracted the most attention in Slovenia and in the world. In the last two years he was the best author on many FIAP salons, like on Grand Tour Delle Colline, Italy  – four medals, Abu Dhabi – gold medal and grand prix, Cyprus – gold medal, 7400 photographers from 114 countries. He got awards on other international salons: Merit award and In Spotlight in Black&White magazine in USA, medal in Tokio, Japan, nomination in World Photographic Art magazine, the winner on B&W Spider Awards, London, 2011. Photographic Association of Slovenia gave him MF FZS and FIAP got him EFIAP and MFIAP in 2012 ( Master in international federation for art photoigraphy). He had his own photo exhibitions in Slovenia and other countries: Italy, Austria, USA, Germany, Croatia, Sibiria, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. He runs photo workshops in his own country and abroad: Croatia, Emirates. Last year he was invited by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to have one in Khobar.He also works with school children and helps their photo clubs in Slovenia.

He has published the following photo books:

  •  The touch of the light – landscape photos
  • Sibiria – between Hantymansisk and Surgut
  • Portrait of a photographer
  • Town Žalec -  with Jure Kravana
  • Town Maribor  with Jure Kravanja

 In 2006 he established Photo club SVIT with his photo friends which became the best Slovene club and also noticed on FIAP salons as one of the best clubs in the world..





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